20 years of experience in the television-audiovisual industry (1999-2019)

Barlovento Comunicación was founded in 1999 by Ricardo Vaca Berdayes in order to cover a service demanded by the television-audiovisual market. During the past twenty years there has been a revolutionary transformation among the society. Television and the audiovisual market have been the spearhead of this radical transformation with the internet as the main protagonist of the new digital era. In all this time, Barlovento Comunicacion has become the reference audiovisual consultancy in Spain.

The experience of our professionals during several decades in the television-audiovisual market and having offered consultancy to more than 350 companies of the sector, allow us to act with the utmost professionalism in the most significant and strategic areas of the industry.

The best definition of our identity and strategic positioning is based on the values and attributes that connect with the character of the company: Independence, knowledge, efficiency, commitment and responsibility.


In Barlovento Comunicacion we have workd with more than 350 companies, such as TV channels, producers, distributors, advertisers, media and agencies.

TV Channels

TV channels, thematic, regionals and payed.


Content creators for film, television, radio and internet


Distribute content from production to the viewer


Creatives who develop and prepare advertising or information


Brands and companies advertised in large media


The media that offer information to readers

Political Parties

Entities of public interest to promote democracy


Organization that performs cultural, scientific, political or social work


Non-profit legal entity


Entity based on research and education that grants degrees and degrees

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