Barlovento Comunicacion provides comprehensive advice in all areas related to the television-audiovisual and business sector of communication with a vision and mission based on the permanent improvement of the industry, with values and meanings based on personalized attention according to needs and requirements of each subscriber and the use of own and external tools and data bases.


Online publication of television audiences

Barlovento Comunicación offers through its web site the electronic tool ‘TV AUDIMETER’ at the service of any company that needs the qualitative and quantitative study of the TV audience in order to achieve their business objectives.

TV AUDIMETER’ is a dynamic web tool, updated daily, that offers access to the audience data of the previous day around 8.30 in the morning. The application has different modules to analyse in depth the viewers’ behaviour, with a high degree of customization in order to meet the needs of each user.


Barlovento Comunicación has a large experience in the national and international market, specialised in the programming of open and paid channels, at a national and regional level; we also have experience with production and distribution companies, and we know-how with online and offline content.

We are experts in the Spanish audio-visual with the introduction of DTT, television fragmentation, television consumption, platforms and distribution systems and OTT’S.

With experience in the international market we put special attention in the newest programs, formats, production, program mechanics and audiences. We communicate the most relevant news of the TV industry, from America and Europe.

Weekly report about the new formats of the international market.


Qualitative and quantitative researches of TV channels and programs through online and offline field work, CATI and CAWI methods or depth interviews.

In Barlovento Comunicación we investigate programs and channels through qualitative and quantitative analysis in order to satisfy each subscriber’s demand, answering the demands of each study.

In the same way, we conduct ‘discussion groups’ (‘focus groups’) in order to promote new business possibilities, as well as individualized and depth interviews.

Performing pre-tests of television programs, as well as viewers’ satisfaction analysis on TV shows and channels, and also assessments on television influencers: presenters, journalists and actors and actresses.

Customized solutions designed to satisfy the needs of each subscriber

Analysing our client’s content in order to value its possible results before the emission

Consulting about the best broadcast slot for your TV show


We are at your disposal


Television content catalogue with an exhaustive minute by minute

Barlovento Comunicación have developed ‘BLV-ANALYTICS’, a big data tool in order to catalogue and manage audio-visual content in order to identify data categories minute by minute: protagonists, places and organizations, with the BBC ontologies.


Our tool is able to learn and recognise all known and unknown persons mentioned in the media.


‘BLV-ANALYTICS’ acknowledge companies, public and private organisms, as well as political parties.


Our software identifies mentioned places, such as continents, countries, cities and towns.


TV social audience in order to discover the spectator’s and user’s behaviour at social networks.

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Real data of the ‘La verdad’ premiere at 21st May 2018

How many tweets does a TV show generate? In Barlovento Comunicación we offer the total amount of published tweets, unique authors, likes, impressions, influencers data and a daily ranking of programs.

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Monitoring advertising activity on television

Advertising, as the main economic nutrient of the TV industry, allows us to reconstruct campaigns from different angles and audience epigraphs, as well as analyse their performance and profitability.

Barlovento Comunicación can provide all advertising activity in television from 1992. Campaigns reconstruction from different points of view: advertiser, brand, sector, category or channel; and analyse its performance on television through diverse variables such as GRPs, occupation, coverage, seasonality or advertising share.

We implement campaigns reconstruction based on the client’s goals sorted by different information ordering criteria: time slots, channels, time periods, etc. We adapt the reports to a specific target (all individuals, adults, children, housewives, among the most common).

Likewise, we also have the economic information provided by InfoAdex with the advertising investment estimate.

Reports on the advertising performance of an advertiser and comparative with its competitors

Daily monitoring of the advertising activity of a specific campaign, brand or sector

Ad-hoc reports according to the requirements, objectives and specific needs of the client

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