Barlovento Comunicación offers services adapted to the new digital ecosystem. We evaluate the presence and results of different brands with SEO strategies to catch traffic. Also, we manage and plan social networks and design SEM campaigns.


Through web analytics we can know in detail the results of your website and potentiate those strengths through the digital marketing. We also work on reinforcing those weak points and offer to your traffic exactly what people are looking for on your website. The analysis of your webpage continues to evolve and from Barlovento Comunicación we still connected to know the last changes of the sector.

We use the main web analytics metrics and we help you to understand them so you know which are the most viewed, how much time your visitors spend on your website or how many of them leave the page after visiting her for the first time. Furthermore, we know advanced metric that we apply individually, no matter the client’s web site: corporate, content, services or e-commerce.

What can we get with web analytics?

Optimize your website to attract users

Know and retain your audience

Design marketing strategies


Social networks are essential to promote business opportunities to any company. A good social media plan increase visibility and notoriety, also allows to stablish social interaction with the audience and generate a link with the consumers

We study your company or brand in social networks

We create an adequate strategy to execute it immediately

We analyse the results to get better to your clients

We work with the biggest social networks and we adapt to each one and company goals to catch your clients wherever they are in the most optimal way


The main microblogging network. More than 300 million users


The most used social network based in wall user publications


It has more popularity. Based on images and videos for young people


Social Network for business and employ


SEO (search engine optimization)

Web positioning in the Internet is crucial to any company. In Barlovento Comunicación we work with the most advanced tools of the marketing in order to audit your website and lead it to the highest positions in the search engines.

We always look for the best strategy so our clients invest the least and get better results, no matter their goals: sales, gain leads and costumers, branding or improve other campaigns.

Way of work

We audit your SEO

We look for keywords that may interest you and plan the best strategy for your website and social networks

Making reports

You have to know the main problems and how to fix them

We create content

Content is fundamental in positioning. We show you what, when and how generate it or, if you prefer, we take care of it

Getting links

Links from other websites increases authority from your webpage and improves your position

Analysis and evaluation

We check the efficiency from the campaign every moment to see how it works

How can we help you?

Our team will bring you the best care


SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Through PPC advertising services such as Google AdWords we can promote your website in search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing…) in order to rank in the first positions when users look for your product or service.

At Barlovento Comunicación we want to make profitable your investment to achieve quality traffic to your website and reach your goals.

How do we create campaigns?

Studying the competition

We will find the best way to take advantage of the niches that aren’t exploited

Setting the campaign

We will use keywords to focus on the benefits

We adapt to your budget

We know that you have a limited budget. We will adjust and optimize it

Monitoring the results for you

We want you to have all the control of the campaign and check the results


Providing useful, high quality and relevant content to your audience is essential in order to increase traffic and engagement in your website. In addition, a proper elaborated content adds value to your site and allows a better position on the search ranking.
In Barlovento Comunicación we can help you create content of interest for your audience, capture users interested in your services and work on inbound marketing with content for your blog, newsletter or social media.


Email marketing is one of the most effective tools we can use in order to reach potential or current consumers. We are able to develop a strategy rich in visual design, quality content, appropriate message tone, call to action, mailing list and respecting the new law of privacy policy. All this in order to optimise the result.

Design and layout

Mailing management

Optimization and analytics

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