Barlovento Comunicación provides high quality content and relevant data to users, with a high optimization level in order to a correct ranking on Google and other Search Engines.

How does quality content affect SEO?

Providing useful, high quality and relevant content to your audience is essential in order to increase traffic and engagement in your website. In addition, a proper elaborated content adds value to your site and allows a better position on the search ranking.

Search engines tend to change hundreds of times per year, this is why we constantly study these search algorithms and testers to evaluate page quality.

Our company can provide your site useful content that will make visitors stay longer to consume the information, therefore, it would increase the time visitors spend on your website.

To reach these objectives we rely on different tools and means, such as inbound marketing, quality content, newsletters and social media.

How do we elaborate an optimal content?

Relevant content

In the infinite amount on information that we can find on the Internet, is really difficult to find quality content. This is why we always bet for quality and distinctive content.

Wide content

We always work in order to provide the appropriate length to your content.


Provide a content rich in keywords, outbound links, user engagement will improve SEO ranking.


Our team will provide you the best costumer support

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools we can use in order to reach potential or current consumers. We are able to develop a strategy rich in visual design, quality content, appropriate message tone, call to action, mailing list and respecting the new law of privacy policy. All this in order to optimise the result.

¿De qué nos encargamos?

Design and layout

We develop a layout according to your priorities, such as logotype, corporative colours and other visual elements.

Mailing management

Our servers have the capacity of sending your newsletter, no matter the number of users you have in your database.

Optimization and analytics

We study the results of your newsletter, the number of users that open the email, and the users that click in the link, with the objective of develop the strategy.