Barlovento Comunicación offers services adapted to the new digital ecosystem. We evaluate the presence and results of different brands with SEO strategies to catch traffic. Also, we manage and plan social networks and design SEM campaigns.

What is positioning?

Positioning on Internet is fundamental for companies. At Barlovento Comunicación we work with the most advanced tools to analyse your website and try to put it at the top.

We always work with the best strategy for your company to save money and get the best results. The objective is: Increase sales, catch clients, show your brand and improve your campaigns results.

We are constantly studying new changes related with searchers algorithms to maintain your position.

What can we get with SEO?

Obtain first position on searchers

Position keywords organically

Increase sales and improve your business

Improve your brand image wih keywords


Our team will bring you the best care

How do we improve positioning?

We audit your SEO

We look for keywords that may interest you and plan the best strategy for your website and social networks

We create an inform

You have to know the main problems and how to fix them

We generate content

Content is fundamental in positioning. We show you what, when and how generate it or, if you prefer, we take care of it

We get links

Links from other websites increases authority from your webpage and improves your position

Analysis and evaluation

We check the efficiency from the campaign every moment to see how it works

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