Barlovento Comunicación offers Social Media services adapted to the new digital ecosystem. We have been working with the biggest social networks with great results and we have a continued growth of followers and engagement (user interaction).

Social Network Services

Strategy Design

We evaluate and plan the best way to act in the social networks depending on the sector in which you are

Study of the Competition

We monitor and analyse the competition activity in social networks and we create a strategic plan to overcome them

Networks Management

We take care of the planning work, management and maintenance of the social networks dedicating the necessary time

Profile Creation

We launch the company profiles in social networks in which you have to be, even if you don’t have created them before

Communities Develop

If you don’t know where is your target or audience, we will look for them in each social network so that they bring real benefit to your business


We analyse your presence in social networks to evaluate your work and found which are your strengths and weaknesses

Working Method and Social Networks used

Social networks are fundamental to grow your business. They increase considerably the visibility, they stablish interaction with the audience and know them better

We study your company or brand in social networks

We create an adequate strategy to execute it immediately

We analyse the results to get better to your clients

We work with the biggest social networks and we adapt to each one and company goals to catch your clients wherever they are in the most optimal way


The main microblogging network. More than 300 million users


The most used social network based in wall user publications


Su popularidad cada vez es mayor y su mecánica, basada en imágenes y vídeo, atrae sobre todo a jóvenes.


La red social orientada a negocios y empleo en la que cualquier empresa debe tener presencia.


Proven results

Social Networks are very important for a company. They improve brand image and they allow to contact directly with your users and followers. The use of Social Networks offers a lot of benefits to the company and they show very good results.

Increase your engagement

Receive more interactions from your clients and followers and your brand will have more visibility and best valued

Know your audience

Know which profiles are in greater contact with your company

Increase your sales

Social Networks are the best window to show your products and services

Improve your brand image

A company that uses social networks is more attractive for its audience

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