Barlovento Comunicación offers web analytics service with a clear point of view, studying the behaviour of users in order to detect and satisfy their needs.

What is the use of Web Analytics?

Web analytics is a tool that allows the measurement and collection of data in order to assess and improve the effectiveness of the website. We use this information to develop and improve the weakest and strongest points of your site, offering your target what they are expecting to find in your site. We are always updated with the latest news in web analytics.

We help you understand how metrics work, so you can have knowledge of your own site, and be able to recognize which pages have more views, how much time your users spend in your site or how many of them leave after visiting it for first time. In addition, we know the most advanced metrics which are applied individually to each subscriber. No matter if you are creating a blog post, ecommerce store page or sales-landing page.


Our team will bring you the better solution

What can we achieve with web analytics?

Optimise your website to attract more users

We can study those pages with better results, and try to apply it to pages that do not have good results

Increase the loyalty of your audience

Using segmentation in order to know your target, will increase their loyalty

Design and improve marketing actions

Once you know your audience marketing campaigns are more effective

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