Barlovento Comunicación is celebration its 20th anniversary and we want to share it with you! We want to express our gratitude and appreciation to all our subscribers with whom we have had the opportunity to collaborate through the years. A deep gratitude for trusting in our work. Without the respect and the professional consideration of all these companies it would not have been possible to make it until here and this makes us feel honoured and proud.

As the document attached reflects, society has arrived to the top of the Digital Era, and everything has changed compared to what we use to live twenty years ago, a sign of the exponential speed of change that we are immersed in and the new socio-technological paradigm.

As Pedro Olalla said “…it’s not enough to enjoying a good life to be the author of your own biography, but also co-author of the collective biography”. Barlovento Comunicación has always remained loyal to this commitment and looks forward to increase it. As time goes by, always based in Olalla’s words “…getting old, is an ethical commitment”.

Our desire is to develop and increase our knowledge, though the social investigation of the audiovisual system and keep the enormous passion we have developed during these years.
Our best wishes and memories.

Ricardo Vaca Berdayes

With our best gratitude:
To José María González ‘Peridis’, architect, draughtsman and writer, for his enormous generosity in this extraordinary, literary, artistic and comical work made for our 20th anniversary.

Antonio Mingote
10th anniversary
Antonio Fraguas ‘Forges’
15th anniversary